Fisher Security understands just how important reliable fire detection and alarm systems are and can supply customised solutions to businesses nationwide.

Each shop, office or commercial premises is different, so our fire alarm service is entirely bespoke, with each installation set up specifically for the requirements of our clients.

Early detection of a fire will give you the best possible chance of swiftly and safely evacuating the building and ensuring your staff and customers do not come to any harm. Contacting the emergency services as quickly as possible will help to minimise the amount of damage suffered at your premises.


It's surprising how many business owners are led to believe that they’ve had automatic fire alarms installed. Automatic fire alarms are connected to a remote monitoring station which will alert the fire brigade. With evidence suggesting that over 75% of commercial fires take place in unoccupied buildings, where nobody is on hand to raise the alarm, it's vital that businesses know exactly how their fire alarm system operates. 

For your fire alarm to automatically notify the fire brigade you need to ensure your fire alarm system is linked to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) which Fisher Security can provide for you, along with a comprehensive maintenance agreement to ensure your system is up to standards and fully checked as it should be. 

For a non obligation fire health assessment and quotation please contact Fisher Security today on 01405 767 506 or email us at sales@fishersecurity.co.uk


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