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Remotely monitored CCTV installations brought to you by our dedicated construction security team

SITEprotect is a hired, remotely monitored CCTV solution that does not compromise on quality. But offers the very best competitive rates along with the highest level of service.

Based on cutting edge technology providing high quality images delivered promptly, efficiently and most importantly cost effectively.

The simply isn't a better alternative to ‘SITEprotect’!

Where manned guarding was traditionally prevalent in the construction and building industry, the SITEprotect CCTV security system provides a cost effective alternative. Simple to install and maintain providing excellent mobility, SITEprotect is now the preferred method of site protection for many large contractors.

With a SITEprotect hired CCTV system you can reduce your budget by up to 80%, whilst increasing the security on site.

A security officer can cost upwards of £1000 per week, CCTV can now be very cost effective, starting from just 0.98p per hour, it’s a mere fraction of the cost of a guard.

Avoid high upfront costs...

Buying the CCTV equipment outright may well be the wrong option due to the high up front costs, not to mention the depreciation and the skilled workforce to correctly install, maintain and operate the technical equipment, which is why we have introduced SITEprotect.

Hiring the equipment is by far the best solution and Fisher Security can offer price competitive packages on like for like rentals tailored to suit your needs.

We provide four weekly rental packages... but only one service level

Utilising the industry's most advanced technology

State of the art short range compound and long-range perimeter infrared cameras will be provided to ensure quality images around the clock, day or night!

Our tried and tested cameras will provide the optimum coverage and clarity even in the lowest light levels ensuring visual verification to our own in house monitoring station. Quality comes as standard with Fisher Security, so it goes without saying that all our cameras are IP66 rated meaning they are impact and weather resistant.

Installed around the site perimeter and high risk areas...

SITEprotect movement detectors are chosen to guarantee optimum performance for your site, utilising the latest technology, for unparalleled and intelligent detection capabilities in any environment.

SITEprotect systems are always watching and recording...

Armed or not the system provides continuous surveillance with timed recordings of all on site

activity. So not only is your site secure out of hours, it also provides tamper-proof evidence of deliveries, attendance, health and safety incidents or any disputed event.

When the site is armed, should any motion be detected live site images are transmitted to our dedicated in house monitoring station using the very latest 3G and unique Wimax technology.

If the images spell trouble, fully trained and licensed SIA operators act with audio warnings to any intruders and alert the police within seconds.

Detailed incident reports and occurrences can be emailed direct to site managers, so they are kept up to date with all site activity.

SITEprotect is a powerful deterrent that’s stopped hundreds of intruders in their tracks and assisted the conviction of many others.

Can you benefit from SITEprotect?

Weekly hired remotely monitored CCTV systems are perfect for construction sites, house builders, rail projects and infrastructure.

It can also be the optimum security solution for all premises that shut down for prolonged periods including; factories, offices and schools that are temporarily vacated and require short term surveillance and protection.

Packages start from just £165 per week!