When an alarm is triggered in your home, you need the peace of mind to make sure the authorities are notified timely, and for the right reasons.

When our Alarm Receiving Centre receives an alarm activation signal from your home or business, our dedicated staff, who occupy the onsite Fisher Security ARC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will confirm that the signal is genuine.

Acting swiftly, once the signal is determined as having been triggered by an intrusion, criminal activity or fire, our staff will then notify the police or other emergency services on your behalf.

Where other security services may contact the authorities automatically when an alarm is triggered, the Fisher Security Alarm Receiving Centre team will not waste your time or the authorities' time with unnecessary call-outs. 

We are Gold approved by the National Security Inspectorate, a level which holds us in the highest regard by the police, fire service, insurers and across the security industry.

To find out which monitored security package is right for your property or for more information on our Alarm Receiving Centre, contact Fisher Security.

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