Fisher Security built and installed the CCTV system for Goole town centre and surrounding area and has now been in operation since 1999.

Included in the package provided for the local authority was the use of an analogue microwave transmission system, control centre, and maintenance and repairs service.

The use of microwave technology was a decision that was taken due to the expensive ongoing cost of using fibre optic links. Although the initial cost was more expensive, it has resulted in savings in excess of £150,000 since inception. 

With the units used by Fisher Security, the video quality of the microwave transmission is equal to that available from the best fibre optic systems. It is also capable of providing the very highest video quality with no latency whatsoever, which is ideal for the control room where real time operation is essential for the efficient tracking of targets.

The CCTV system is used for the following purposes:

  • To work in partnership with the police to improve community safety, and any other circumstances which are of benefit to the public.
  • To reduce the fear of crime, which includes assisting the police in the prevention and/or detection of crime.
  • To enable the identification, apprehension and prosecution of people carrying out crime, disorder and other criminal matters.
  • To assist police controllers to allocate an appropriate response to incidents occurring in the areas within the field of vision of the surveillance equipment.  
  • To assist the local authority with enforcement information and action under its licensing powers.

Our CCTV operators provide round the clock monitoring and are fully trained to work to a strict code of practice governing the use of the CCTV.

We are currently in the early stages of adding a further two cameras to our system and in future will be looking to integrate IP links and network cameras into the system.

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